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As spectators we must feel challenged when we see professionals such as Etay Axelroad and David Eusse put all their virtuosity and precision of movement, that is, everything they have learned during their journey in the world of dance. More so when they do it with a reason.

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Something like this makes one maintain the hope that there are many talented young people, who know how to use their training with meaning and significance. At the same time, one ends up getting indignant when witnessing performers with lots of resources using them to stage a link of mere movements typical of a useful exercise to perfect their technique in dance, and other related things.

A_Men is a spectacular piece of work that leaves you hooked from start to finish. The piece is so well structured in music, in cadences of movement and in the interaction of the performers apart from other important factors, and everything makesthe piece flow smoothly. However, there is so much work behind it, that I assure you that you will almost have to refer to your first dance classes.



And as if that were not enough, it brings forth a subject that many of us human beings find uncomfortable, to say the least, the numerous times we try to show ourselves to others (including the people we consider closer to us) as if what happened to us was not a big deal, so that they consider us more mature than we really are. And as much as it is a fact that we all have to work hard on ourselves in these aspects and others, being vulnerable is disproportionately punished.

Thus, A_Men gradually builds an atmosphere of intimacy, almost a purely formal dimension… in which the two performers on the stage are presented as tools. By doing this, it is more effective to represent the various dualities that a human being goes through, trying to dialectically overcome one of the stages of his life in which the values and fundamentals that have served him until now are completely disarmed by the things he experiences.

Should this be understood as not being up to the task? I think that the most edifying thing in this situation is to is muster up the courage to be the main character and spectator of a process that will change things completely for better or worse. In any case, it will always be up to us to make a balance on how much it is worth to continue exposing oneself in the eyes of others; there may be a risk of «let oneself die» during this dialectical overcoming, while losing the ability to trust another human being again, even to love with the same dedication and passion as it was done in the past.


El inicio de la edición de 2022 de la Muestra Internacional Beta Pública, puso el listón muy alto de cara a sus dos siguientes jornadas



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